Harrison Bamel

Managing Director

HB Productions, LLC is owned and operated by Harrison Bamel, a Boston native who moved to New Orleans in 2014. With past experience in promotions for The Howlin’ Wolf Music Venue, Save The Blues Foundation, Bold New York and other companies in need of promotional assistance, Harrison has developed a strong and knowledgeable skill set on various aspects of music business management and marketing.

Jake Titlebaum

Booking Representative 

Jake Titlebaum locates and helps secure appropriate venues for artists to perform live. Specifically, working with Big Chief Juan Pardo & The Golden Commanche to help them increase exposure both nationally and internationally. 

Jonah Flint

Operations Coordinator 

Jonah Flint oversees all show operations and works with event production staff to ensure execution and enhance artist relations. Having prior experience collaborating with production teams from Goldenvoice, Mysterland USA, and Buku Music + Art Project, Jonah’s skill set brings a lot to the table.